The Story Behind Kampus BuyBack

When I first began attending college in Norway, I noticed something; books were (and yes, still are) extremely expensive.  This lead me to my next observation: the school I was attending had no buy-back program. That meant no cheap books. Perplexed and frustrated, I faced the grim reality of spending three quarters of my monthly income on a bunch of books I'll likely never use again.  I needed those books, but I needed that cash! After discussing my thoughts with my classmates, I found that I was not alone in my predicament.


For my remaining years at the university, I avoided purchasing any new text books. The ones that were unavoidable, were purchased with money pooled together by my classmates and me. We took turns reading them, and at the end of each semester, we were left with a pile of books we had no use for any longer.


This was the most appropriate solution, since we disliked the idea of our wallets being drained on a quarterly basis.  This evasive maneuver, however, butchered our grade point averages in such a way that, something had to be done... So, I create Kampus BuyBack. The development of Kampus BuyBack began in 2017. My goal was to provide a true and open, online marketplace for the students of my school. Over the development process, I decided on basing the project off of five fundamental principles that I believe must be upheld in order to deliver a genuine marketplace experience for students looking for affordable text books:


  1. To offer all students the opportunity towards a better education by lowering the cost of their required learning materials
  2. To encourage the human element; where trade with others is necessitated by meeting one another
  3. To create and promote honest business practices within the scholastic communities at large in order to foster a better and more promising business environment for students
  4. To offer instantaneous and secure transactions without the need of cash
  5. To offer a simplified, yet sophisticated method of trade with others in local communities


Today, Kampus BuyBack is comprised of the very students that endured what you are currently suffering, and we feel your pain. Therefore, we aim to serve the needs of all the students within our university, Norway, and eventually, the rest of the world!