Frequently Asked Questions

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Anything! The app is optimized for selling your old course literature, however there are three other main sections in the marketplace.

Furnishings: Moving out? List the furniture you aren't taking with you here, anything from beds to desks.

Electronics: Here you should list items that run on electricity or batteries, such as calculators, phones, laptops, chargers etc.

Miscellaneous: Want to get rid of something that doesn't fit the other categories? List it here!

Illegal items are prohibited on Kampus BuyBack. Furthermore, selling living creatures or food, things that might hurt someone, or items that are regulated by law, i.e. that are not allowed to be sold to people without a certain license, are also prohibited. We also request that all posts maintain a respectable quality.

Here are some examples of things that are not allowed:

  • Photos that do not show the item or the item is not clearly visible.
  • Photos you have not taken yourself.
  • Perishable items(food, drink, etc.).
  • Commercial advertising.
  • Photo or text containing a reference to another website, app or shop.
  • Items that are defective or of poor quality.
  • Any sort of provocative, erotic or pornographic items

The sale becomes legally binding at the time the transaction process is initiated.

If the buyer has not responded to 3 different contact attempts on 3 different occasions within 7 days of the purchase, the buyer will receive a demerit. After 3 buyer demerits the person will be banned from the service.