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We utilize the services of a third party API to provide quick, secure, and reliable transactions between our users.

Anything! The app is optimized for finding course literature, however there are three other main sections in the marketplace.

Furnishings: Moving to a new apartment? Here you'll be able to find cheap furniture, anything from beds to desks.

Electronics: Any and all electronic appliances such as calculators, phones, laptops, chargers etc. are listed here.

Miscellaneous: Looking for something that doesn't fit the other categories? It can surely be found here!

If the seller has not responded to 3 different contact attempts on 3 different occasions within 7 days of the purchase, the seller will receive a demerit. After 2 seller demerits the person will be banned from the service.

A private communication channel will open between you and the Seller as soon as a purchase is made. Note that you have 7 days to sort out practicalities; if you are unable to reach a conclusion the purchase will fall through and the money will be returned to your account.

The purchase becomes legally binding when you start the transaction process.